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On March 23, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that USask's VIDO-InterVac will receive $12 million to help address Canada’s shortage of vaccine manufacturing capacity, as well as $11.3 million for continued operational funding for high containment laboratories over the coming year.

VIDO-InterVac is constructing a pilot-scale manufacturing facility on campus to accelerate vaccine development in Canada and abroad.

The funding is in addition to almost $1 million over two years to develop animal models and test vaccine candidates for effectiveness and safety against the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) awarded to a USask research team and collaborating scientists from across the country previously.
(Photo credit: NIH)
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Signature area (noun), \ˈsig-nə-ˌchu̇r ˈā-rē-ə\: areas of outstanding achievement enabled by our research capacity, investments, history and sense of place. (USask)
  • Agriculture
  • Energy and Mineral Resources
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • One Health
  • Synchrotron Sciences
  • Water Security






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The best minds need the best support. USask has some of the most advanced research facilities, centres, and networks in the world.


ESP8266搭建简易web服务器_一个人要像一支队伍-CSDN博客:2021-10-18 · ESP8266是个集成了LWIP协议栈的WIFI模块,利用它很容易就完成了物联网的功能。要搭建web服务器就必须支持HTTP协议。但是ESP8266官网提供的例子只能支持TCP,不直接支持HTTP。那么,就需要自己利用TCP来完成HTTP的请求包和响应包。


With the Global Institute for Food Security and the Global Institute for Water Security and numerous other centres -- USask is changing the world.


USask scientists and scholars are winning awards and breaking new ground in research.

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USask has stellar research talent, including Canada Excellence Research Chairs, Canada Research Chairs, Industrial Research Chairs, Centennial Research Chairs, Saskatchewan Research Chairs, and named chairs.

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Our researchers are garnering attention from all sides.  Sometimes, it's OK to brag.

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跨境电商租用香港服务器的优质表现在哪里?-行业新闻-天下数据:2021-2-21 · 4.服务器出现不可预期的问题时,服务器租用商快速响应解决 租用香港服务器托管网站的过程中,难免会遇到一些问题,像服务器出现故障这类的问题都是网站运维人员无法直接解决的,的方法就是联系香港服务器租用商。

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U of S Vanier Scholar, Jocelyn Joe-Strack
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 We've been having an impact since 1907


An evolution in healthcare

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The Cobalt-60 'cancer bomb' saved the lives of millions. We have USask researchers to thank.

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